Deluxe Pill Splitter


Order 1 to 9 - £3.55 per splitter
Order 10 to 24 - £3.20 per splitter
Order 25 to 49 - £3.00 per splitter
Order 50 to 99 - £2.85 per splitter
Order 100+ - £2.55 per splitter

Splits tablets both large and small easily and accurately

Code: No 96

Requires only light pressure. The tablet can be easily seen without opening the device. High quality surgical stainless steel blades. Printed BEWARE OF SHARP BLADE, Washing Instructions included

A quality product that conforms with HSE guidelines.

This product can printed with a specific logo for promotional purposes - POA

Warning: Some tablets are designed as slow or modified release, and are not suitable for cutting please consult your Pharmacist