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Where can I get spare slides for my Dosett?
These can be ordered on line as can all spares for the Dosett range.

How can I wash my Dosett ?
Clean in hand hot water and dry thoroughly after removing the sliding lids. Do not machine wash.

I have mislaid the user instructions for my Dosett, how do I obtain a replacement ?
Contact us, by email if possible, and we will send a copy by return or post

Why are there different colours for the Dosett ?
For choice, to allow two people in one household to have a different model and to differentiate between one week's supply of medication and another.

I wish to enquire about the Dosett Maxi for my sister who has to take 37 tablets a day. she has MS and I wonder if this product is suitable for someone with limited manual dexterity - ideally the lids need to be openable with one hand. Do you consider the Dosett Maxi to be suitable for her?
The lids/slides can be opened with one hand but the Dosett Maxi would have to be placed on a non slip mat. The measurements for each compartment are stated in the product description

Liquid Systems

How do I use the marking systems?
Write the information you require, usually a name, on the cup & lid with Marker Pen (MD010) and then cover with an Adhesive Disc (MD005).

How do I wash the cups and lids?
Place loose or use the Dish Washer Basket (No 791No137)) and place in a dish washing machine or wash thoroughly by hand.

Tablet Splitters and Crushers

Can I crush all tablets?
Please consult your pharmacist to check if you tablets are suitable for crushing

Which tablet crusher is the best?
All three we market are excellent products

  • The number 98 tablet/pill crusher crushes tablets to a fine powder 
  • The number 98w tablet/pill crusher has an easy grip design, has a storage compartment and also crushes tablets to a fine powder 
  • The number 97 tablet/pill crusher is often used in pharmacies

The unique millers produce a fine powder that allows the medication to be given by gastro tube. Tablets are crushed into a 30ml cup this reduces powder loss to a minimum.

How do I wash the Pill Splitters?
Washing instructions are included. The no 96 pill cutter can also be sterilised, steam time 18minutes at 121c or 3-4 minutes at 134c

Can I cut my tablets into quarters if so which pill cutter do I use? 
The number 96 pill splitter would be suitable it has a very high quality cutting blade therefore it is more expensive than the 96C

Can I use the pill cutter on all types of tablets? 
No, please consult your pharmacist to check if your tablets are suitable for cutting Some tablets are designed as slow release or modified release and are not suitable for cutting

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Why can't I register on the site?
Please ensure that you have entered all fields that are marked with an *. These are mandatory fields. Please note any errors the system displays and amend as applicable. If you still cannot register please contact us via our contact page and we will resolve as soon as possible

Logging In

The site will not accept my username / password? 
If you are a new user please ensure that you click on the new member link and not the login button.

If you are an existing customer please ensure that you have correctly entered your details, if you cannot login please contact us via our contact us page and we will resolve as soon as possible.


Can I buy your products on line?
Yes, please select the product(s) that you require from our products and services section and add to cart. The products and services section can be seen on the left hand side of each page. You will then be taken through the checkout process. It is possible to add many items to the shopping cart before checkout. To do this just select additional products and add to cart, these will automatically update your cart.

Is your on-line shopping secure?
Yes, we do not request any sensitive financial information on our system. Once you wish to confirm your order (click on the process order / process payment) button from the checkout section, you will be taken to the secure e-payment page of Sagepay our on-line payments partner. Sagepay are a world leader in the processing of secure on-line payments. If you have any doubts please contact us or Sagepay via their website

What are the shipping / delivery charges?
Orders to UK addresses under £50 are charged at £2.75
Orders to UK addresses over £50 are FREE of charge.
Orders to European addresses outside the UK are £15.00
We are sorry but we cannot ship outside Europe.